About Ekeoma Ajah

My name is Ekeoma Ajah. I live with my husband and three children in Lagos, Nigeria.

I have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, an MBA, and other professional qualifications. I worked in the finance industry for almost two decades and have now left it behind to pursue my other passions, chief among them being writing.

I admit to a longtime passion for children. This passion culminated in the publishing of my first literary work, an illustrated children’s book titled, Pointy Panta Goes AWOL.

I recently published the sequel which is titled Pointy Panta And The Zompire Sharks. My ultimate desire is to have my children’s books made into an animated series in the future.

Being an advocate for children and widows’ rights, I have noted how children suffer when their parents get divorced or when they exist in dysfunctional marriages.

I have also noted the harmful effects of this dysfunction on these children’s marriages. This led me to write my first adult novel titled DAMAGE. I hope that my books will not only entertain my readers but start conversations, which hopefully will culminate in behavioral changes.

I hope to use fiction with some measure of humor to foster discussions about social issues that are frequently – particularly in Africa – swept under the carpet.