An old friend of mine, from secondary recently came visiting and we took some pictures and posted it on the class WhatsApp forum. One of my classmates whom I haven’t seen since I left school, responded by asking if the picture was photo shopped because she couldn’t see any pimples (acne) on my face.

The thing is I had quite a number of pimples on my face as a teenager but as I grew up they all disappeared. As I reminisced on my teenage years, I felt God telling me to tell someone that is worried about a particular situation to calm down and trust God; know that even that challenge will pass.

No one that sees me now will know that I struggled with a bad case of acne while growing up. It seemed like it I was going to have to live with them for the rest of my life but they left without any effort on my part. So, what is it that you are battling with? Is it poverty, sickness, joblessness, failure, rejection, disappointments? Don’t give up; just continue to press forward, one step at a time. Just believe that one day, that challenge will be a thing of the past. That is how God works; when he shows up he takes care of that challenge in such a way that it appears as if that challenge never even existed. Believe that that challenge will one day become something that you only reminisce about to help encourage others in their journey through life.


Have a great week ahead.

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