Vengeance. Whenever we think of vengeance, we usually think it’s some highly convoluted plot to avenge ourselves of some deep rooted hurt. However, it is not always so dramatic, sometimes it takes the form of little, everyday things. 

Someone is rude to us and we become rude to them. Another person never says thank you, never appreciates anything we do, and so maybe as a coping mechanism, we stop showing appreciation for anything that they do for us. And so it continues. 

Until we find out that we have allowed these blind people – people who are rude, unappreciative, insensitive, uncaring, and the list continues – to turn us into ugly versions of their blind selves. We have allowed ourselves to become the very thing we abhor; we have also become blind. 

Our quest should be to raise people to the heights that we are accustomed to, and not to allow them drag us into the depths of their darkness or blindness. I choose today to see, to cast off every form of blindness. I urge us all to choose to be better, to choose to see.

Remember our bodies may be on lockdown, but our spirits can still soar. Have a great week!

©️ Ekeoma Ajah 2020

Life Decisions Consultant 


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