The year 2020 has come and gone. We are now in year 2021. This seems rather obvious since the second week of the New Year is almost over but it really isn’t. You see 2020 was such an ‘eventful’ year that a lot of people are still in 2020. Yes, I know that we are not time travellers who can go back in time, but to all intents and purposes, quite a lot of people are still mentally and spiritually focused on 2020. Focused on the tragedies, focused on the pandemic, focused on the battle scars, certainly on the dreams that didn’t come true and even perhaps on the prayers that seem to have been left unanswered.

Though we are physically in the year 2021, it appears a number of us have not really come into the New Year. We are going through the motions but on closer inspection we appear almost shell-shocked into immobility by the events of 2020, and therefore not quite able to move into the year 2021 with our entire being.

I’m convinced that God doesn’t expect us to remain stuck in the past. He expects us to arm ourselves with the lessons that 2020 taught us – and there were quite a number of them! Lessons which include faith in God, forgiveness, humility, humour, the transient nature of power, etc. Rather, He expects us to purposefully walk into the New Year with faith, passion, and excellence. He expects us to walk in, focused on those dreams, walking and working our talk, knowing that it’s all still possible.

Happy New Year! And remember; take time to really welcome yourself into the year 2021, eyes firmly fixed on the opportunities that lie ahead.


(c) Ekeoma Ajah 2021

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