The thing about life is that some people will never love you, irrespective of what you do. They will always look at you through bias-tinted glasses and you will always come up short. This is not necessarily because of any shortcomings on your part but as a result of the prism of bias from which they view you.

Never allow them make you view yourself through this same bias-tinted spectacles, or else they will make you feel that you are not good enough.

So the next time someone tries to make you feel less than you are worth, always remember that you are enough! You are good enough to be loved, good enough to be respected and certainly good enough to be valued. Don’t accept anything less. Always tell yourself, “I AM ENOUGH.”

Have a fantastic week ahead.

Description: ©️Ekeoma Ajah 2020

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Pointy Panta Goes AWOL


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