This is a rather famous English saying – a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Let’s start by asking, what is moss? This is not a biology class, so my description of moss will be very basic. Moss is that green and soft, carpet-like ‘grass’ that you find growing around some stones or some other hard object that has been stationary, for a while.

The thing about moss is that it requires some time to grow, so if you find moss on a stone, its certain that the stone has been stationary for a while. Moss acts as a protection from the elements, as a covering, as a beautifier, or dressing; remember it looks like green velvet.

In the fast paced world that we currently live in, everyone is in a hurry to move – but the truth is that there’s a time to move and a time to be still. As we go through life the objective should not just be to move because it seems like everywhere we look we can see other people moving. If we are not moving towards our destination, we might as well stay still, so we don’t end up in an oxymoronic situation of motion without actual movement.

Over the years, I have learnt that it is sometimes in the still moments of my life, that I have found myself and the blessings/gifting that God has laid up for me – because in those still places and moments, there are no distractions. In those still places, my senses are alert, I can hear clearly and my eyes are not shut wide open.

People who have read the story of Joseph will agree with me that though he was destined to be a prime minister of Egypt – destined to be a great man – he wasn’t born ready. God had to literarily imprison him, in order to get him to a still place, away from the distractions of his jealous brothers, away from Madam Potiphar’s seductive fingers, to a place where he could be taught and molded into his role as a prime minister. In the stillness of the Egyptian prison, God turned a young man with no apparent credentials into a prime-minister-in-waiting. And by the time the opportunity came along, Joseph was ready. Joseph was actually head-hunted and was so good at the interview session with Pharaoh that it appeared as if he had been born ready, when the reality was that just like most, if not all of us, he wasn’t.

Watch out for the concluding part and how this relates to us.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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