Pointy Panta and the Zompire Sharks 3


By Ekeoma Ajah

into what looks like a morning star weapon. Since Pointy’s quills were unusually sharp, she became a dangerous weapon whenever she did the roll-up. This was why her grandfather often warned her against it; he didn’t want her to hurt anyone. Looking up at the descending zompire shark, Pointy needed no further prompting from her grandfather’s apparition to do the roll-up.

As the zompire shark continued his descent, Pointy stuck out her tongue at him. Her expression wiped the malicious grin off his face since he didn’t expect such a reaction. She quickly jumped up and did the roll-up, extending her quills as much as she could to cause as much damage as possible. Out of the corner of her eyes, Pointy could see the zompire shark. His fins flailed as he tried to stop mid-air, but the momentum was too much, and he couldn’t. Pointy bid her time until he was close enough, then she rolled to the spot where she guessed his heart would be. Just as he came close to the ground, Pointy bounced up to meet him, driving her quills into his heart and ripping through him. The zompire shark shuddered,

finally coming to a stop. Pointy pushed herself out from under him, covered in the syrupy blue liquid that was his blood. She felt icky and didn’t think she was ever going to feel clean again. Still, she guessed it was better than becoming zompire lunch or even worse, becoming a zompire herself. As she unfurled, she found herself standing in front of Chima, who gave her a resounding applause before engulfing her in a fierce hug.