For a long time I have always believed in the virtue of hard work, and I still do. However, I have come to realize that hard work is often, not enough.

The thing is hard work will get you through the door but it won’t get you a seat at the table. You see, it’s not just enough to get through the door because you may get through the door and all you get to do is to serve the ones that are seated at the table.

Here is where favor, God’s favor comes in. We all need the favor of God because it is God’s favor that gets you a seat at the table. Divine favor grants you a seat, to sit and enjoy the blessings that the world has to offer.

Some people get a seat at table but don’t get to eat anything. Something happens before they are served their meal and they don’t get to partake. Some others actually start eating the appetizer, but just before the main dish arrives, poof, they are gone. If you think I am being overdramatic, you can take a look at the life of Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple. He was quite hardworking and talented too, but I would say he left the dinner table, right after the appetizer; he never got to eat the main dish. Others have taken his seat at the dinner table, and I can assure that it’s not everyone who is currently eating at the Apple dinner table that worked as hard as Steve Jobs did, or is even half as talented as he was. He spent so much time working hard. He got through the door; he got a seat, not just any seat, if I might add but a really great seat at the table. However, he never made it to the main dish.

So the next time you are at home enjoying that nice house that you worked hard for, driving that really nice car that you worked hard for, having a night out in that really fancy restaurant or simply eating something like well-cooked Jollof rice in the comfort of your home, remember that it’s not just all about hard work but about the favor of God.

And while we are on this issue of favor, I’d like to say that men will not favor you – not even when they should – unless God makes them do so. So, every time you get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work do remember to take out time to thank God for his favor.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

©2020 Ekeoma Ajah

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