It is sometimes great to walk away, far away, from the crowd, in order to get a good perspective of life. Sometimes, when we refuse to walk away from the crowd, God orchestrates circumstances such that the crowd moves away from us.

It can be fun to be part of the excitement, the energy that comes from being part of the crowd, but the paths to increase, to growth, to success, are often lonely. This is because the crowd often blurs our perspective on life and our ability to see far. The crowd blurs our perspective of who we are and where we are headed. Most times in the midst of a crowd, we find ourselves headed in directions that we did not intend, or in situations we had not envisaged or even desired. In the midst of a crowd, there’s a tendency to get lost, virtually cast adrift by the current of the crowd; only to find our desires, ambitions, submerged by those of the crowd.

I ask you today, to find the courage to take a moment and step away from the crowd; go find yourself. The crowd in this sense, may not always be a large number of people. It may just be those two or three people for whom you have always lived your life; tailoring it to be whatever you thought would please them. Don’t get me wrong, I understand we have people in our lives who have legitimate expectations of us, but one of those people, should be you.

When people leave our lives and we have done our very best to make them stay, it may well be God moving the crowd away from us. It’s really not the number of people in our lives that matter, but how many of them are for us. It’s not always how much but how well. A few faithful men (or women) are better than a legion of unfaithful ones. The Elders say that the millipede with its numerous legs is still unable to outrun the hare.

The Bible gives an account of how an army was pruned until it remained only 300 men who went ahead to win the war against a mighty army. In this experience called life, it’s best to walk with people who will follow you to the moon and back. They stepped away from the maddening crowd to achieve victory; it may well be worth our w

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